How To Get Bangkok Girls To Be Interested In You

How To Get Bangkok Girls To Be Interested In You

By Jade Seashell (contributor), author of “A Seductress’ Confession: How to leverage beauty and savor tantalizing pleasure”

If you go to Bangkok, you’ll notice the quality of women in this city. There are a wide variety of beautiful women in Bangkok (including lady boys in Thailand if you like). When you have enough opportunities to meet gorgeous Bangkok ladies, you may wonder how to keep them in your life, right? The best way to keep them is to make them interested in you, and now I’ll show you how to do that.

Have more female friends in Bangkok. No matter you are sexually interested in them or not, you should have more female friends if your long-term goal is to find a girlfriend in Bangkok. That’s because having more female friends helps you to know and understand women better – they are all your teachers who can teach you something about women. By the way, women love having male friends, because a male friend equals a boyfriend minus the stress. Also, because Bangkok has a very open-minded culture, ladies in Bangkok wouldn’t mind having new male friends in their social circle.

  • Add Bangkok women as your friends on Facebook. Nowadays Facebook can really help you with your online game. I’m not saying you should game women who don’t even know who you are on the Internet. What I am saying is you can meet more women and become their Facebook friend, then you can keep gaming in the long term. Make sure your photos on Facebook look great, because your Bangkok friends will definitely check out all your photos on Facebook – you must look cool on Facebook (e.g. having photos of you doing cool things). In this way, Bangkok women who are looking at your Facebook timeline will be more interested in you (or even curious about you). Instead of texting her or phoning her every day, you can post something on Facebook on a daily basis, so that Bangkok girls will see what you are doing daily (because they use Facebook daily). If you want to see her again, you can organize an event and invite some people to attend your event (including her). Because she can see others are going to your event, she is more likely to say yes. Don’t forget to post photos of you and other hot women, because Bangkok girls are competitive – if they see other hot girls are with you in your photos, they want to compete with them (in a Bangkok woman’s head, she is asking herself “Who is hotter, me or that woman?”)