Should you pay for your Thai girl?

Should you pay for your Thai girl?

Paying for a Thai girl is often a topic of discussion or worse: of bragging amongst guys. Some go: I don’t need to pay, others justify what they pay for their regular girl.

Here’s the thing, there’s nothing wrong with paying for a girl in Thailand other than in your own judgement. Some guys pay a lot, others pay less. Some claim not to pay at all, which is very well possible, good for you. But in the end we often pay a price of some sort being with a Thai girl. If you don’t pay at all, perhaps you’re sacrificing precious time on chatting and drinking coffees with girls you’re actually not that interested in.

If you’re over 50 and you’re with a girl in her twenties, fine, you’re paying for her tuition, some presents and other benefits, big deal. If you’re younger and somehow attractive to Thai girls, perhaps you don’t pay at all because they are looking for ‘real love’. The point is, there is nothing wrong with paying but being bird-shit stingly won’t get you very far anywhere in Asia.
There was this guy who bought some fruits for his girlfriend and then said ‘now you can pay for dinner tonight’. Not really the best ambassador of farang generosity.
Some local Thai guys pay a slice of their meagre monthly income to their girl, believe it not, she may take 3,000 baht out of a budget of 8,000!
You can pay for a girl as a way to take care of her, to show your affection, or just because you want something in return. You can also pay because you don’t want to waste your time or you want to keep things simple: no relationship, no strings attached, no hurt.

At what moment you pay for sex or out of affection or to take care of her is a sliding scale: these things gradually blend over into each other in the Thai context and who cares if you’re both happy with it.

Getting the latest iPhone for your girl could be a way to take care of her

You don’t pay a girl after you had sex with her, unless she’s a prostitute, a sideline girl or a gik you agreed some benefits with beforehand. If you offer money to a normal girl after the deed, it’s a complete insult. Don’t believe what some ignorant newcomers in Thailand are saying, they are degrading every girl to a prostitute.
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