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A career in the business world is often fraught with ups and downs, but one reliable investment business professionals make is earning a Master’s of Business Administration.

An internationally recognized degree, an MBA helps business students broaden their career potential by giving the hands-on business experience in business and management.

At College Choice, we’re here to help you advance your business career by organizing information on the best MBA programs that fit your current professional and financial criteria.

For those already mid-career looking to add an MBA, check out our ranking of the Top Online MBA Rankings.

Both a terminal degree and a professional degree, the MBA challenges students in a variety of business-related areas, such as marketing, finance, human resources, operations, and accounting.

Most MBA degrees take two years to complete and are offered in a variety of ways to accommodate the full-time business person—full-time, part-time, executive (night/weekend classes), and through distance learning programs online.

People pursue MBAs for a variety of reasons, here are just a few:

  • Reason #1: You will meet others like you who have a passion for business, career growth, and strive toward achievement. No matter your personality, you will leave your MBA with life-long friends who will expand your network.
  • Reason #2: You will receive a well-round business education and gain a greater understanding of your skills and passions. The MBA offers the opportunity to grow in areas of business in which you currently need improvement, and reinforce specific skill-sets that are already strong.
  • Reason #3: You will learn to communicate effectively and work collaboratively across departments. During your time in school, you’ll sharpen your pitching skills by crafting papers, emails, and presentations as well as be given the opportunity to learn how different communication skills function within teams and across company divisions.

What Are the Best MBA Programs?

At College Choice, we want to see you thrive in a graduate degree program. We also want you to make an informed decision as you research your next move. Our data pages about the top MBA programs will help you understand your options.

We’ve taken a diversity of factors and sources into account when making our rankings. The first source is actual college students polled during a countrywide survey published by the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA.

These students rated academic standing, financial aid contributions, the overall cost of school, and the survey also took into account graduate success rates on the post-college job market. These factors were weighed equally alongside data from other publicly available sources, including U.S. News & World Report, the National Center for Education Statistics, and